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AES S500 Bi-LED Projector Lens 6000K LED Headlight 65w Double Reflectors UPS WAY MAKER S500 Bi-led Headlight Retrofit 66W

AES S500 Bi-LED Projector Lens 6000K LED Headlight 65w Double Reflectors UPS WAY MAKER S500 Bi-led Headlight Retrofit 66W

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AES Prism Bi-Led  Projector Lens 66W Headlight Automotive Bi Led Projector Lens

Low beam power:55W                  
High beam power:66W   

Size:3.0inch LM:6800 Lux laser                                               
Color temperture:6000K              
Size:155*106*76mm ± 1mm
Driver:Build in driver 

Reflector:Double Reflector

LED Chips:Double led chips

                           2X H4 MOUNTS ONLY

1)AES prism series products are new products in 2023 this year. TIR double prism direct white laser lens adopts 12 LED chips from Taiwan and 2 single chips from Osram. The high-beam input power reaches 75W. The maximum luminous flux reaches 700LM. Laser tube brand: Nichia High beam illumination (test distance of 3 meters): 38000LX.

2)it has become a trend to use LEDs as light sources instead of traditional light sources, but LED light sources have the disadvantage of large light angles that cannot meet the requirements of projection display systems. Collection and shaping. "TIR means "Total Internal Reflection", that is, total internal reflection, also known as total reflection, to improve the utilization rate of LED light energy. TIR lens is made by using the principle of total reflection to collect and process light. It is designed to be Penetrating concentrating light, and the tapered surface can collect and reflect all side light.

3)The heat dissipation system adopts the independent heat dissipation system of the far and near beam LED lamp beads to reduce the temperature of the lamp beads. Aviation aluminum heat dissipation material, efficient heat dissipation, more stable performance, ensuring the stability and life of the lamp bead.ts.

4)Installation-black wire:Low beam -,red wire:Low Beam +,green wire:low/ high beam +,white grey wire:The electromagnetic valve high beam (+ -)

6)Cooling System- Turbo Fans make sure the heat dissipation effectively, get optimal heat protection and performance .

7)Reflector :High temperature resistant reflector keep the light and ensure the light performance without blind zone and dark spots.

8)Long life span-50000H ,LED bulb the life span is 6 times more than halogen bulb ,much durable



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