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autoban long body kit steering grips with knob

autoban long body kit steering grips with knob

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Autoban Long Body Kit Steering Grips with Knob is an essential tool for any car enthusiast. Right grip has a turning knob that allows for precise control and adjustment, ensuring that you get a secure fit in any car. These grips are easy to use, reliable, and offer the best performance for your driving experience.

Power Knob , Handle Grip , Carbon Grip
The part where the left and right sides of the steering wheel intersect

This product is a new concept multi product that combines a handle cover and a power handle handle.

The product quality is excellent with ergonomic design and stylish design. *The handle cover is treated with SF black matte coating for excellent absorption and grip.

made of soft material and has excellent durability such as naturalization prevention and discoloration prevention. The methyl ball bearing inside the power handle makes it easy to use for smooth handling.

● The power handle is mounted low on the spot to minimize protruding parts, reducing the risk of additional injury. •Minimizes string damage and is easy to attach, so it can be used stably.

Made in korea
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