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morel mpd 4.70 Hi-res class D 4 channel amplifier

morel mpd 4.70 Hi-res class D 4 channel amplifier

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for selecting Morel's MPD amplifiers to power your system. These two special amplifier models were designed with the same passion and innovative philosophy that drives all of Morel's product development. With an emphasis on high fidelity, the unique design and superior componentry provide the MPD the ability to power speakers with precise detail and an engaging musical experience few other amplifiers can produce. Their high-power output design makes them a dynamic and powerful experience for anyone seeking audiophile levels of performance.

Studies have shown that continuous exposure to high sound pressure levels from high power audio systems can lead to permanent hearing loss. Additionally, high volume levels can obscure noises from outside your vehicle such as emergency vehicles and horns. As a valued Morel customer, we urge you to use common sense and practice restraint in the operation of this product.


MPD 4.70

4 OHM-STEREO  -- 70w x4
2 OHM- STEREO-- 100w x4
4 OHM MONO / BRIDGED 200w x2



THD+N =<0.2%

Frequency Response   20Hz-30kHz

HPF OFF-300Hz for Group A

LPF/HPF 50H 300Hz for Group B




H-19 (48mm)

W-5.8 (148mm)
L77" (195.5mm)

Inline fuse must be used within 16 (1400mm) of battery



The MPD amplifiers are designed to work with a 12VDC electrical system with negative ground. Use of this product in vehicles with positive ground and/or voltages other than 12V may result in damage to the product and/or vehicle and will void the warranty.

//Mounting the amplifier//

Choose a location for the amplifier with ample ventilation for optimum cooling performance. Be sure the amplifier is mounted with at least 2-inches (50mm) of clearance around the chassis. Never fully enclose the amplifier in a confined space without active ventilation. Also avoid mounting in areas of direct sunlight and in areas of high vibration, such as a subwoofer enclosure. Ideal mounting consists of the chassis being mounted with the base of the amplifier parallel with the floor or perpendicular to the floor with the fins of the heatsink facing upward for the most effective heat dissipation. Your amplifier should always be installed in a location that will remain free of moisture and dirt, and in a manner that does not interfere with any of the electronics or safety gear of the vehicle.

For safety purposes, be sure to take the time to properly mount the amplifier using suitable mounting hardware so the amplifier stays stationary in the event of a collision or unforeseen circumstance.


The MPD circuitry is protected by fuses located on the side panel of the amplifier. This should be used along with an inline fuse (see Planning and Installation) for proper protection.

If forever reason the amp does not power up, please check the fuse and replace with the same value.

//RCA Inputs//

Accepts both low-level signal from an audio source via RCA style connectors.

High/Low Level Input Voltage Selector (MPD 4.100 only) Select signal input voltage based on the type of input used. When using an

aftermarket radio, DSP or line level converter, select PRE IN for levels up to 3.5V. When using high-level input from an amplified factory audio system, select SPK IN for levels up to 7V. High-level inputs require the MPS-HL line level adaptor (sold separately) to convert amplified speaker outputs from factory audio systems to RCA

//Input Level//

The input sensitivity controller (gain) is used to properly match input signal level from the signal source to optimize the amplifier outputs. THIS IS NOT A VOLUME CONTROL! To set properly, the maximum unclipped output from the radio or source must be known using proper test equipment. The input level adjustments can then be adjusted to maximize output without overdriving the amplifier. If the gain is not set properly, the amplifier may clip and damage your speakers and the amplifier itself. It is highly recommended to use an authorized Morel retailer to properly install and adjust. Independent gain controls are available for Group A and Group B channels.

High Pass Filter Frequency A 12dB high pass filter can be adjusted between OFF and 300Hz. This is control is for Group A channels only.

Select between Full (full range), LP (lowpass) and HP (highpass) depending on the requirements of the speakers in your system. Selecting LP or HP turns on a 12dB


filter that can be adjusted using the Filter Frequency. This is selected independently for Group B channels only.

Crossover Frequency Controller Use this feature to adjust the frequency of the crossover filter between 50 and 300Hz. This is controlled independently for Group B channels only.

//Protection Status Indicator//

LED will illuminate red when the amplifier is in faults into protect mode related to over current, short circuit, thermal protection or internal error within the amplifier. If the fault is caused by thermal protection, the amplifier will reset automatically once the heatsink has cooled to about 70°C (160°F). If the protection LED stays illuminated, turn the amplifier off and check the speakers and wiring.

Power Status Indicator LED illuminates blue when amplifier is properly powered on.

//Negative Chassis Ground Connector//

Connect to a equal or larger OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable for ground as used the power wire. The length of the ground wire should not exceed 36 inches (90cm) from the amplifier. To ensure a solid connection, remove surface paint at the ground point prior to securing the connector in place.

//Remote Turn-On Connector//

Connect to wire lead from a switched +12V source. This could be from a head unit  or switched ignition lead.

//+12VDC Power Connection//

Connect terminal with proper AWG OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable to the positive terminal (+12V) of the car's battery via a inline fuse. The fuse must be located within 16 inches (40cm) of the battery

//Left & Right Speaker Outputs//

Connect speaker wire up to 12 gauge. Group A and Group B connections can be configured in stereo using the + and - of both L & R outputs, or in a mono configuration using the L+ and R- within Group A or Group B (DO NOT cross-wire between Group A and B). 3-Channel can also be configured using a stereo in Group A and mono in Group B.speakers in stereo


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